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Personal Training

Personal Training

The Benefits of Individualized Training

Personal training should custom fit the individual to achieve their goals

Physical exercise could include any bodily activity that improves or sustains physical fitness.

My preference in personal training is to also think in terms of overall health.

Physical exercise is designed to achieve objectives.

That including the strengthening of  muscles as well as improvement of the cardiovascular system.

Some exercise may involve honing athletic skills.

Some have goals that focus on weight loss or maintenance.

Some would add as well for the purpose of enjoyment.

Regular physical exercise has been shown to boost the human immune system.

More over physical exercise helps prevent obesitycardiovascular diseaseheart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Physical exercise should improve mental health.

Physical exercise has been shown to improve or prevent depression.

Physical exercise should also help to maintain or promote positive self-esteem.

Physical exercise can improve sex appeal.

That also adds to self-esteem.

As long as exercise is done correctly it is amazing the wide variety of metrics in human experience it can improve.

Negative side effects can occur with too much too soon or too hard too often as well as bad technique.

As a result both injury and the opposite of many of these benefits may occur.

That often resulting in quitting exercise.

This is in fact so common as to be the norm not the exception for average folks here in the U.S.A.

Personal training should be custom fit to the individual.

This to achieve their goals as well as to avoid the all too common bad outcomes.

Studies that have compared a style of exercise called HIIT to the much more common steady state training can be useful in this.

Lipid oxidation or fat burning during the exercise itself is calculated during steady state exercise.

Yet fat oxidation is increased up to 3 hours following HIIT.

That much more than steady state exercise.

This results in greater total fat burning among other improvements with HIIT.

Teaching the skill of safe HIIT is a time saver in the long run.

More benefits in less time with safety is a better life style fit for many.

That just one of the technical benefits I often bring to the mix in personal training.

Another is likely no surprise goal oriented nutrition.

Most of the many benefits of exercise can easily be muted or made impossible by very common food habits.

I find many clients are unknowingly working with bad information.

To analogize, no matter how well you apply a map of Detroit, you won’t find your way very well if you are in Chicago.

Not knowing that they have a bad map, many blame their own character.

I have literally heard a single parent working two jobs and studying for a Masters degree suggest she failed because she lacked discipline.

Fitting the necessary nutrients into the routine, on time in optimal proportions is key.

Doing that so as to be a rewarding experience rather than a punishment is yet another set of skills I bring to this mix.

Clearly that would require I know a good bit of personal information about each client.

Adjustments may also be necessary if not out right experimentation to get a client the best fit.

This is not to devalue a single consult by any means.

Yet the on going relationship has its own power especially for a life long progression.

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