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 Most folks in Alabama know me as a Pain Relief, and Sports Massage Therapist.
I also owned and operated a very strict, highly supervised Nautilus Sports Medical Fitness Center in Chattanooga.
I taught my first yoga class at a YMCA in 1976 while I lived in Memphis TN.
I have worked professionally in those fields as well as performance nutrition for 46 years as of this Summer.
Yes, I am that old.

I own both the first, Class II medical version (mine is one of the very first 100 ARPWave technology devices made.)
I have owned, used and taught professionals about the Class II medical device for 30 years.
Now I am doing the same with the new consumer product, verson, FlexDoctor.
The FlexDoctor came out just as COVID also arrived in the good old U.S. of A.
I have decided it is now safe enough to get folks involved with how to use and even sell time with the FlexDoctor.

In the late 90’s I was the companies FDA authorized instructor for PT’s and other licensed medical folks. 
I use both, now that we have FlexDoctor, and so does my wife Patricia, who is a licensed PT for 41 years.
Patricia actually likes the simpler (much cheaper) over the counter FlexDoctor.
I have to admit, I too use FlexDoctor more, just because it is simpler, easier.
I don’t have to worry about breaking my 30-year-old version (I have twice) by moving around while connected (recommended.)
Either device, the more time, the more power, the more body volume that receives the uniquetwo signal, double exponential wave forms the better your whole body will work
For the first quarter centuryno other device sent not one but two DC signals into the patient.
No other device had the unique double exponential wave.

If one were to simply wear this device while doing say your own weekly chores, you would get stronger like going to a gym, and better circulation like getting massage, running & doing yoga.
The lady below wore the FlexDoctor while doing only desk work for months, when COVID kept her out of her gym.
When she returned to her gym, she had actually gotten notably stronger after months of zero workouts.
In some ways the two signal, double exponential wave form stimulates both the nervous system in addition to joints and muscles better than exercise 
If you can do both, exercise and ARPWave give you a big edge on the competition…really big.
Using the background, high frequency signal alone, speeds recovery too.

Or you could go more intense like the 50 something year old, Iron Mike Tyson.
Mike Tyson undergoing electric shock muscle therapy for Roy Jones Jr comeback exhibition fight (

ARP Wave Testimonies (

The more compact and portable FlexDoctor originally was labeled as ARPWave as you can see here.

You can see how wearing the above device on a belt clip would allow much more mobility than the most modern of the class II medical device ARPWave below.

The FlexDoctor & Professional Neurotherapy device provides unparalleled pain relief through neuromuscular stimulation and electrical impulses. 

“Thank you FlexDoctor! FlexDoctor is my secret weapon!”


Indianapolis, IN

Add FlexDoctor tech to your massage or schedule electric yoga appointment.

The FlexDoctor unit is:Portable: A little larger than a cell phone Powerful: On average, 10* stronger than any other over the counter device (

(4) Can You really STOP your Pain? | ARPWave Neurotherapy Treatment – YouTube

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